What to Include and What to Avoid in a Child’s Room

We should consider so many important factors in decorating a child’s room.

We should consider safety and ecology-friendly concerns. We should think ahead and choose the best mattress for child’s tender spine. Even before deciding on the purchase of new furniture for the kids we should think about the kids’ energy and sometimes destructive movements. So each and every piece of new furniture should undergo our test whether it is strong enough and child-friendly.

Children are fountains of energy! And we must remember that children’s rooms are not only for sleeping, but for active life, games, fun and even sport… we should foresee so many factors. For example, walls: kids might draw pictures on it. So walls should be easily washable. Some parents prefer wall-papered, reasoning that they are more economical and ecological.

Other parents prefer glossy-paper-walls, since they are stronger, and can be washed and even painted several times. The variety is really vast and it allows parents to choose exactly what they like. As long as the colours are eye-friendly for a little person.

It has been scientifically proven that the children develop better if the walls are in pastel colours. It is even influencing the health of the children – they get sick less often, are less stressful and more productive with their homework. While bright colours and large figures, on the contrary, will bring tiredness and neuroses. Since a child’s room is a private space of your little ones where they should rest from the emotions of the day, the colours of the walls in children’s rooms should NOT be too bright.

If pastel tones seem to you too dull and not attractive, then you can choose good accessories, such as teddy bears, colourful lamps, hanging elements or paintings. When decorating, we should take notes of recent research and scientific recommendations. For example, posters and images from cartoons and modern movies should be avoided since it might have a negative effect on the child’ development. Much better and healthy for the body and for the mind to choose images of nature: for example, fruits – bright, natural multicolours, they will perfectly bring a huge difference into children’s world.

Moreover, fruits can introduce a child to the alphabet and healthy food. Each fruit can contain a smiling face. My close friend shared a very innovative idea on how to introduce fruits and vegetables to the child in the best entertaining manner. Very easy and creative: with the help of magical and healthy fairtytales. It should be narrated to the little one on a daily basis. Preferably it should be an individual story on each fruit that is a part of the room’s decoration. The fairytale should, in an easy and entertaining form, explain to the child about the fruit’s life-story and health benefits. The main aim of this methodology is to introduce little ones to the world of nature and to develop in children the love for healthy food. Besides, the child will feel very comfortable in his room, being amongst good friends – fruits, as these stories will live in his imagination for years.

When choosing the furniture, parents generally are divided into two groups. The first group declares that independence is above all. They are prepared to change almost all items of furniture every second year.

The second group of parents prefer long-term things. Absolutely all – from clothes to furniture should be carefully chosen for years to come. ,For example, longer sleeves and trousers pipes are normally bought up oversize and rolled up. Always having an excuse that today everything is too expensive and child can wear the same shoes 2-3 years if they put in it extra pair of thick socks. billiga tavlor 

Anyway, again, it depends on an individual’s preference and choice but a professionals would recommend a golden middle road. Bed and chair – these are the two main items that should really be changed relevant to the child’s growth. A tiny tot requires a small cozy bed,a bigger child would prefer a bed with many shelves where he or she could store toys and accessories. The teenager needs a good bed suitable for an grown-up, relevant to his new ‘adult’ status at school, college or home. The chair should be chosen just as carefully, preferably according to the child’s taste. When child sits on a correctly chosen chair for his age and size, his elbow should be at table -height.

A bookshelf is a essential part of a child’s room and should be very functional. When a child is still small, the bookshelves can be used for his clothing, later it will be an ideal place for keeping his toys, then books. There will never be enough books as long as they are beneficial for child’s mind and heart. We should always be very careful in choosing the right literature for your little treasure.

Let your little one to have the world of good books full of knowledge, kindness, good morals, the world of fairytales and wise stories, that are being narrated by loving parents.

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