The Top 5 Mobile Phone Number Search Tricks

Mobile phones are affordable, easy to acquire and require little technical knowledge to setup and register. Great for all us regular honest users, but what about these guys;

  • Prank Callers
  • That psycho ex-boyfriend/girlfriend
  • The double glazing salesmen
  • The overseas call centers
  • Harassing Teenage Hooligans…?


There are more mobile phone subscriptions than landlines – a rising trend that is set to only get bigger. All these mobile phone number’s are stored and recorded, and they can be searched!

Mobile phones are one of the primary ways of communicating, and as a result of the number of people using these networks – verbal harassment, abusive text messages (SMS) and prank calls are increasing. The good thing to take from this is these ‘pranksters’ will have to register the mobile phone, and have it ‘put into the system’, which means the mobile phone numbers are recorded onto databases around the globe.

“So, where do I start looking?”

TIP 1: Use the Google “Quotemarks”
Its an official Google technique – Using the quotes when you search for items in Google will bring up a list of pages with that exact search term in the content. Try it with regular search terms (just put the search term in quotes) and you will notice when you get far less results, but they will be exactly what you have searched for.


For example, if you search for the mobile number within quotation marks, you are much more likely to find websites and forums where the user has registered this number unknowingly. And yes, the quote marks technique will also work in the other big search engines such as, and

TIP 2: Check out online message boards
Once you have found a few websites, forums and message boards the mobile number has appeared on, keep digging with your investigation. These sources are great leads to scrape more info about the user and to pick up any signs or clues as to the age, sex, location and interests.

Message boards will give you an insight into the written style of the user (especially if they have a blog) which may help you match the prank calls and harassing messages you have received – look for common spellings, certain wording and slang terms. Does any of it look familiar? phone number lookup

Once you have found the user on the message boards, make sure you put the username into a search engine (see step 1) and you will see additional websites the user is registered with – this information is gold dust in building up a profile of the mobile phone number holder.

TIP 3: Websites
Message boards are great, but often standalone company websites contain a lot more ‘solid’ information. For example, for ‘members’ sites and ‘account holders’ they almost always have to put both a first and second name, address and contact telephone number. The key here is that mobile numbers are become more and more common as ‘required fields’ on these registration forms (see for yourself when you open a new account online) so in theory you can even get someones address!


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