Exotic Full Body Massage Uncovered – Part 2

Full body massages are such a nice way to reward yourself, don’t you think? After a long, stressful day at work, or running around with the kids and taking care of the house – wouldn’t you just love to lie down and let someone massage all your cares away? Well guess what. If you were looking for an excuse to get a massage, you’re going to get one (or more) right now.

Aside from the relaxation that getting a massage can bring on, it also helps to flush the toxins out of your muscles and tissues, and thereby your body overall. In case you weren’t aware, an overload of toxins in your body can cause you to be sluggish – even when you’re not feeling tired – and can also lower your immune system so that you’re more susceptible to getting sick.

Additionally, there have been numerous medical studies that prove the positive effects resulting from a full body massage. So much so that trials and studies presently continue on a regular basis around the world. Let’s look at some of the benefits of not only full body massages, but massages in general.

* One study showed that people who were massaged before a potentially stressful situation experienced a huge decrease in anxiety and in their breathing and heart rates. It also showed a significant increase in white blood cell count. Perfect for the day before that big meeting or exam!

* Another study showed that office workers who get a regular massage are more focused, productive and less stressed out than their co-workers who aren’t massaged on a regular basis.

* It’s also been proven that geriatric massage can decrease the agitation that often affects nursing home residents. 강남안마

* After receiving a massage, patients who had recently undergone heart surgery showed a major decrease in anxiety and stress levels. And since stress and anxiety are directly related to many heart conditions, that’s great news for patients experiencing this type of ailment.

* For cancer patients, the massages they receive prove to show an increase in NKs. NKs boost the immune system which can lead to a possible slow-down in the progression of cancer. It also assists in decreasing depression, anxiety and pain, not just for cancer patients, but for anyone who may be suffering from one or more of those types of disorders.

So as you can see, there are plenty of reasons to pick up the phone (or the mouse) and schedule yourself an appointment for a full body massage. Surely after all this, you can think of at least one justifiable reason why you not only need it, but also deserve it!

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