Spa As an Important Part of Bulgarian Tourism Sector

Balneotourism is a traditional element of the image of Bulgaria as a tourist country. The tradition of using healing qualities of water and natural resources stems from the Thracians, known to be skilled healers who know the healing qualities of mineral springs. In the Roman Empire this tradition continued and the sacred fountains of Thrace became well known in all parts of the Great Empire.

Spa tourism in Bulgarian winter resort Bansko

In recent years, the world seen a new attitude towards prevention and active holidays. Balneological popularity in Europe has been revived because they inter Traditional methods of treatment applied and healing therapies of ancient times. Nowadays, there is a struggling battle for the health of the healthy person. Analysis show that increasing life expectancy in the economically developed countries increases the importance of spa tourism. The role of the older people as consumers of this specific tourism product, steadily increases.

Few countries in Europe can compete with Bulgaria on the abundance and diversity of mineral waters with different physical and chemical composition and medicinal properties. More than 550 deposits with 1600mineral springs and total capacity of 4900 liters persecond are known and studied. In Bulgaria, the prevail low mineralized water Р66.7% mineralized water Р14.4% water and gas Р17.9 percent. By their chemical composition, thermal waters differ widely. Furthermore, Bulgaria ha snot only low mineralized hydro but also valuable sulphide, radon, silica, chlorine, sodium, sour and containing fluorine, iron and arsenic mineral waters. What to do at sentosa singapore 

Particularly valuable resource is the Bulgaria’s largest reserve of high quality curative mud and healing plants. Varied mountainous terrain and extensive sea coast, the proximity of the Mediterranean and the favorable geographic situation of the country create excellent bio-climatic conditions and unique natural or rare effects on the human organism.

Bulgaria`s advantagein relation to climate is significant,compared to the accepted traditional tourist countries with growing balneotourism on the Balkans, Western Europe and the Mediterranean. The number of sunny days is 18-20% morethan that of Central, Northern and Northwestern Europe. Bulgaria`s mountains are guards for the strong northerly winds. Clouds on the Black Sea are 10-30% less compared to the Atlantic coast and in some areas along the Mediterranean coast. Rainfall amounts are smaller by 26-65% in spring and summer months. Bulgaria is protected from the hot winds of the African deserts and the hurricane force of the deep Mediterranean cyclones.


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