Nasal Cannulas That Are Used to Supply Oxygen

Oxygen is the most important element that it necessary for everyone to survive because all the living things in the world need oxygen to breathe and live. We all breathe on our own without the help of any respiratory supplies until they are seriously needed.

There are cannulas available which is an instrument or a device which is fitted on your face so that you can be provided oxygen. Cannulas are an instrument that is fixed on your nostrils so that you can get the smooth supply of oxygen.

Cannulas are of different types and one of the types is oxygen cannulas which are widely used not only on CPAP machines but also other machines that are used as a source of respiratory equipment. The other form of respiratory equipments which used cannulas is nebulizers. These are used on patients and people who are suffering from breathing problems, asthma and people who are having blood pressure problems.

Oxygen cannulas are not a technical instrument but are usually made of soft plastic or rubber because these cannulas are placed on the nostrils so that it is easy to breathe through nose. Oxygen cannulas are available easily in medical stores and hospitals. These instruments are only available at such places because cannulas are related to medical side.

Oxygen cannulas are one type of cannulas which are made while there are other types of cannulas used for different purposes. There is one type of cannula which is used as an instrument on your hands that drips and blood can be taken out with the help of such cannulas. If you are giving your blood for test then the person who takes out the blood puts a cannula and takes the blood out through it.

There is no better instrument at the moment to supply oxygen through nostrils and with such a comfortable feeling than oxygen nasal cannula. You must have noticed in hospitals that patients are put on some kind of machine that is connected through thin pipe that supplies oxygen from the back source through the pipe which is connected through oxygen cannula and placed on the nostrils of the patients so that they can breathe through their nose. dermal cannula 

Oxygen nasal cannula as the name suggest is used only to provide oxygen and the cannula itself does not make the oxygen thus it only supplies and distribute the oxygen in both the nostrils because these nasal cannulas have two openings which are easily placed on the nostrils so that the oxygen that is coming from the back source is delivered properly without any breakage.


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