Easily and Naturally Improve Your Eye Health & Vision

Science and natural medicine are meshing in how we can protect our eye health better and, actually, improve it. As someone who has very severe dry eyes (my eyes don’t produce enough moisture to keep them lubricated which results in redness, feeling scratchy and so forth and severe enough that I have actually both upper tear ducts plugged so less moisture is drained from my eyes), I am happy to report that, for me, I’ve found that adding natural supplements to my diet have changed things significantly.

As we age, our vision is usually one of the earlier signs that our body is aging. Protecting our eye health and vision should be of prime importance, in order to prevent severe vision impairments or even blindness in our future. Though natural supplements can’t make promises of prevention or cure, many of us have experienced significant positive changes. Check with your eye doctor on the following natural options that may benefit you and what dosage would be right for you.

What kinds of natural supplement options can you utilize that may improve your eye health & vision?

1. Consume quality Omega fish oil – EPA and DHA, 1000-2000 mg.

2. FloraGLO (R) is considered the best brand name for Lutein. Lutein is a nutrient than can help protect the macula in the eye from age related issues and keeps the eye cells healthy. 6-20 mg a day is recommended by studies. You can buy regular Lutein too and it still will provide good eye health properties.

3. Bilberry Extract has been around for many years and used to promote healthy vision. A common total Bilberry dosage is around 200 mg a day.

4. There is now a Dry Eye Formula, from Nutraceutical Sciences Institute, that is completely natural and made to provide “continuous comfort, relief and support for eyes experiencing discomfort due to eye strain, low tear production, computer use, and contact lens or LASIK surgery. (Check out the details on this product as NSI or at and check with your doctor.)

There are several other companies producing products that incorporate many ingredients that are known to promote good eye health. You can do a search for these and find which might best suit your specific eye needs.

5. Here is a list of the 17 vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements that medical research has shown are essential for optimum vision and eye health: These eye vitamins play a critical role in supporting your eyesight, as well as protecting against potentially blinding conditions like glaucoma, macular degeneration and cataracts. It is a must for effective eye care.

o Alpha-Lipoic Acid – 50 mg
o Bilberry – 80 mg
o Bioflavonoids – 250 mg
o Chromium – 200 mcg
o Copper Gluconate – 2 mg
o Eyebright – 50 mg
o Ginkgo Biloba – 25 mg
o Glutathione – 10 mg
o Lutein (containing Zeaxanthin) – 6 mg
o N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) – 200 mg
o Quercetin – 100 mg
o Rutin – 100mg
o Selenium – 50 mcg
o Vitamin A – 25,000 IU
o Vitamin C – 1,000 mg
o Vitamin E – 400 IU
o Zinc – 50 mg

We no longer have to gamble with our eyesight as we age, research and studies continue to show that there are natural options available that may improve our eyesight (results may vary), the issue is knowing about your options and then doing something about it. You now know about your options and now it is up to you to take action on what you will do to keep your eyes healthy and your vision strong. If you have older siblings, friends or parents, pass this information on to them too, so we all can see a brighter future. eyes vitamins walmart

As with all health products, check with your doctor first, before using. Natural supplement products and statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The provided information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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