Answering Your Semi Trailers Questions

Perhaps you are considering going into the mobile change business and you are wondering how much you might expect to spend on equipment? First, you must realize there are many ways to operate a Mobil Oil Change business and you will have to decide how you plan operating or if you plan to buy a franchise or business opportunity to get into the Mobil Oil Change business.

If you buy a package from someone else, you may be paying more for equipment, because the franchise or requires a higher quality of equipment or the business opportunity company sees you as live bait without knowledge of the industry and charges you as much as possible.

You might also be buying extra things such as an Oil-Evac System, which can add money to the cost. Also depending on the volume of business that you will be doing, for instance, if 75% of your business is in fleet oil changing, then you will need larger storage tanks for the bulk oil and for the used oil. This will increase costs of the equipment, and the size of vehicle that you will need in order to do the services. For instance, you may need a one ton, Van or a much larger truck.

You can also put the equipment on a trailer, but you’ll need a larger vehicle to tow that trailer, and you’ll also need a trailer, which will also cost him money. Indeed, this very much changes the price. Recently, I was asked by someone interested in getting into the business:


What is the average price of starting your own mobile oil change company, this should include the Van, and all equipment? 


Our company, The Oil Change Guys, does not sell equipment for Mobil Oil Change businesses to the public. We do make equipment for our own crews, but we no longer sell franchises in the United States of America, so you cannot buy one from us. However, there are many business opportunity companies that sell Mobil oil change equipment, and they are all quite competitive.


Generally, you can buy the minimal equipment for about $8,000 for a van set up or a trailer set up, if you buy everything yourself. If you buy everything from a business opportunity company, then you will be paying between $12,000 for about the same amount of equipment, but it will be exactly what you need, and it will work well together, as it is sold in a package. There are packages excluding the vehicle for upwards of $17,500 to $25,000. wholesale trailer parts

There are a few franchise companies that have more exotic equipment, which comes as part of the franchise package, but realize, you will also be paying for customized branding, lettering and other changes to the equipment, which you cannot get anywhere else. Much of the changes that franchise companies offer is due to the fact that the equipment is based on their experience with all their franchised outlets.

Sometimes spending a little more for equipment to get the best equipment that is the most efficient will save you money in the long run, and that means you will make more money – each day. Some people who start Mobil oil change businesses start with one van, and they become the owner operator, and they are probably in the entire business for about $25,000. A franchise business might be as much as $40-$70000 or more. I have seen people go all out and spend $180K or more to get started with a couple or more units.


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